Having spent the weekend and the Friday night at the conference it has taken till now to get my thoughts on the key messages together.The diner on the Friday night was a pleasant experience in with recognition for IC member Simon Haslam who recently was placed 6th at the international consulting awards.

The encouraging points of the dinner came of the back of the brief presentation by Ann Francke (CEO of CMI) focus on moving forward with the organisation with a target of creating a standard for management.

The dinner speaker was David Yeoman who throughout the dinner discussed in a very tangential way the factors that limit our ability to change and the use of language in moving past them.

With the conferences subject being change there were several excellent speakers such as Wobbly Williams and the lessons he has gleamed on change from his time with Dementia.

The panel debate found me leaving with a lot of respect for Henery MacLeish as he at all points put forward a good case for his beliefs with reasoning, but most of all by is views on education.

The first Scottish conference for some time and the beginning of a growth in IC and CMI in Scotland.

One last thing it’s still on the other wrist David.