The buzz was intense an excellent mix between entrepreneur and tech and at night expanding to take over the whole of Dublin. Definitely "Glastonbury for Geeks"

"The more diverse the people the more the growth. We were described before as Davos for Geeks but I don’t think we’re anything like that – there’s no snipers on the roof for starters! We’re probably more like a Glastonbury for Geeks – the average age of the team behind Web Summit are 27-28 and for them, their experience is of music festivals and so we try to bring that to here. We’ve taken a different approach and focus on the social element as well for that’s really important too." - Paddy Cosgrave.

Looking around the exhibitors (alpha and beta) it was hard to find anyone who wasn't enthusiastic and driven about thier project here are some of the ones that I liked the most:

SecuriBox ( helping you to manage and automate file movement between all your different cloud and local storage.

Rouge Reel ( Beauty On Demand. Rouge Reel is an interactive marketplace where beauty companies, YouTube beauty artists, & their fans engage in live streaming video product reviews, and tutorials. We enable You to purchase beauty products and participate while watching videos.

Modern Democracy ( Modern Democracy offers a comprehensive range of services and consultancy packages to help electoral services professionals manage supplier information and reduce supply chain risk, as well as helping suppliers to manage compliance, improve their performance and efficiency.

Pyne ( Pyne is the most engaging way to crowd source your everyday questions and curiosities. Pyne allows you to ask the entire universe of Pyne users or to target a specific subgroup including: Girls, Guys, or Friends.

Extended Mind ( and : Upload your thoughts and tasks into your extended mind so that you can focus your biological mind fully on what you are doing.

Food Cloud ( Foodcloud has discovered that businesses across Ireland have a huge appetite for donating their excess food. Now we are on a journey, from Malin to Mizen, to find charities that can give this food a good home.

Go to the Web Summit next year to experience a festival of entrepreneurship and make contacts in the tech industry.