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The universe is exactly the size that your soul can encompass

“The universe is exactly the size that your soul can encompass. Some people live in extremely small worlds, and some live in a world of infinite possibilities. you have just received some sensory input that suggest its bigger than you previously thought. What are you going to do with that information? Will you deny it or embrace it?" - Atticus the Iron Druid - Kevin Hearne ...

The great epochs

The great epochs of life come when we gain the courage to re-christen our evil as what is best in us - Friedrich Nietzsche

Reach the Essence

“You may train for a long, long time, but if you merely move your hands and feet and jump up and down like a puppet, learning karate is not very different from learning to dance. You will never have reached the heart of the matter; you will have failed to grasp the essence of karate-do." – Gichin Funakoshi (Shotokan Karate)