Maria Konnikova on How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes

Maria Konnikova’s book Mastermind: How to Think like Sherlock Holmes uses scientific methods and psychology to explain the feats of Sherlock Holmes and the methods that can be used develop these skills. This talk is excellent and explains much of the cold reading skills that he uses in the stories.

The Web Summit 2014 in review

The buzz was intense an excellent mix between entrepreneur and tech and at night expanding to take over the whole of Dublin. Definitely "Glastonbury for Geeks" "The more diverse the people the more the growth. We were described before as Davos for Geeks but I don’t think we’re anything like that – there’s no snipers on the roof for starters! We’re probably more like a Glastonbury for Geeks...

Preparing for the Web Summit in Dublin next week

With the Web Summit less then 5 Days away I have been going through the Schedule and selecting the sessions I am looking to attend and setting up some meeting with other attendees. Anyone who is going and looking to catch up let me know in the comments section below.

The 4am Experiment - Becoming productive and changing habits -part 2

Currently the 4am experiment is working well, I am receiving several benefits from it: Work With my mind fresh from the nights sleep I often find answers to issues I have been thinking over. I have time to make a dent if not finish the main tasks I have to focus on that day. Health I can easily fit in time to do exercise and qigong. As a result of the progress and time that I have...

The 4am Experiment - Becoming productive and changing habits -part 1

The Hypothesis Over the last few years it has become apparent that my ability to be productive is focused in the morning, with work in the later half of the day seaming to take more effort. This coupled with the fact that I seem to require very little sleep has lead me to look at shifting my day to attempt to capture more of my tasks within this productive window. My intention is to along...

CMI IC Scottish Conference 2012

Having spent the weekend and the Friday night at the conference it has taken till now to get my thoughts on the key messages together.The diner on the Friday night was a pleasant experience in with recognition for IC member Simon Haslam who recently was placed 6th at the international consulting awards. The encouraging points of the dinner came of the back of the brief presentation by Ann...

David Allen at Google Campus

After an invite from Next Action Associates to come to Google Campus and listen to David Allan talk about GTD. As always the brief talk brought about some thought provoking insights and humour that you come to expect from David Allen. The question section as always came round to discussing email and the other inputs that as knowledge workers need to make decisions on every day, with...

Alex Osterwalder the Business Model Alchemist

I have been a fan of Alex Osterwalder since i started to read his business model alchemist blog, having used the Business Model Canvas in several projects and most recently as a tool in Claimbase it has great merit. Its worth watching this video to get an understanding of Alex Osterwalder thinking and see if it fits with your current process and tool kit.

LEEP Mac Gesture Control

As a lover of interaction and a heavy Mac user LEEP is perhaps one of the most interesting devices and could in time replace the mouse and keyboard (in time but not today). Its apparently 200 times more accurate at monitoring finger movement than anything on the market at the moment. Watch the video and see for yourself.