About Ian

Who am I?

As questions go, this is possibly the hardest one to answer; we are all different things to different people.

I have worked as a director and in consulting roles in start-ups to multinationals in the tech and legal industry, the third sector and contributed to some projects looking at possible large-scale futures. Alongside this, I have also taught Tai Chi to primary school kids and been the much-needed confidential sounding board.

Unraveling the Complex (Observer, Thinker)

Looking to understand and explain complex issues. It is this unravelling of the complex that adds value and allows the correct actions to become apparent. I often find myself as an advisor, solution designer and strategist for individuals, projects, and organisations.

Walker on the Path (Daoist)

My exposure to Daoism began in my mid-teens; the early focus was on understanding my mind and emotions. This became a transformational point in my life, leading to a dramatic change in direction and a more formal study of the Daoist worldview and practices.
This deepening commitment and, over time, fully adopting Daoism lead to being given the name 理山 (Li Shān – 理 Orderly/Principled/Reasoned 山 Mountain).

Forging the Self (Martial Artist)

Beginning martial arts in my youth at the encouragement of my parents, a lifelong passion was born. Over time this lead to an early interest in competition and some success, but eventually the internal changes brought through the discipline became more important.
In the late 1990s, I transitioned from external martial arts to internal systems; this was encouraged by wanting to deepen the understanding of myself.

Passing it on (Teacher, Consultant, Mentor)

Over the years, I have taught Tai Chi, Qi Gong and forms of meditation in public parks, primary schools, and community centres. This has taken the form of weekly classes with tai chi, for example, and intensives to allow people to fully engage with a single practice such as meditation.