Embryonic Breathing

When the mind is without random thoughts, without coming and without going, without exiting and without entering, then it naturally and constantly abides.

Taixi jing: Classic of Embryonic Breathing

In the text attributed to the Daoist Ge Hong, a fundamental Neidan method is introduced, which can lead to the attainment of a meditative state known as embryonic breathing and the experience of absorption. This method holds the potential for substantial progress in Neidan practice, offering practitioners a simple yet profound approach towards self-discovery and self-realization.

By cultivating the ability to quiet the mind, this practice allows for the elimination of random thoughts, the absence of coming and going, and the cessation of exiting and entering. In doing so, the mind naturally and constantly abides in a state of calm and stillness. This process, as described in the Taixi jing, or the Classic of Embryonic Breathing, brings about numerous benefits, including the alleviation of stress, the release of physical tension, and the promotion of overall mental well-being.

Although seemingly straightforward, this practice possesses great depth and intricacy, making it suitable for lifelong exploration and development. It is through the consistent application of this method that individuals can embark on the transformative journey inward, gaining a deeper understanding of the self and uncovering hidden potentials.

Embarking on this practice of embryonic breathing marks the beginning of a profound quest for self-discovery and self-mastery. With its simplicity and accessibility, it offers individuals the opportunity to embark on a lifelong journey towards inner peace, balance, and enlightenment. By dedicating oneself to this Neidan method, one can unlock the boundless potential within, transcending the limitations of the external world and attaining a state of heightened consciousness and spiritual fulfilment.

The Neidan practice of embryonic breathing, as described in the text attributed to Ge Hong, represents a powerful and transformative method for those seeking to embark on an inward journey of self-discovery. It is a practice that holds the potential for significant progress in Neidan, offering practitioners a gateway towards the achievement of meditative states and absorption. With its potential to calm the mind, alleviate stress, and promote overall well-being, this simple yet profound practice is worthy of exploration and dedication throughout a lifetime.