“There are few people in this world that you meet who have true sight (for the subtleties of what is going on) or vision (for the subtleties of what will make a difference). There are fewer still who bring these together in as powerful a way as Ian does. I highly recommend that… if you’re TRULY up for it… Ian will help you succeed in your next major business challenge.”

Martin Dowson – TEDx Speaker and User Experience Practitioner

Martin Dowson
Trevor Geraghty

Ian is a remarkable talent with a work rate similar to taking a drink from a high-pressure hose. He is insightful, loyal and very able, Ian can deliver results in situations others might judge impossible, he is generous with those he works with, taking the time to lead people through change.

Trevor Geraghty – Chief Performance Officer – Outlaw Group Consulting

I hired Ian to help moving towards more professional project management within the company, both for R&D process and customer focused projects. He came up with practical ideas, well adapted to the company size. His regular visits help the team in succeeding: good and efficient processes are now in place. A fruitful collaboration indeed.

Etienne Rochat – CTO at Omnisens SA

Ian has the confidence to take on the tough jobs with gusto. His straight talking, forward thinking approach is a breath of fresh air. He is always available to help others whilst keeping focused on the task in hand.

Victoria Russel