Tai Chi Beginners Courses

The beginner’s courses is structured into four introductory sections, with each looking to build on the lessons of the previous giving you the tools to begin improving your health and make a closer connection with your body.

Finding Structure — Zhan Zhuang — Standing Qi Gong

The first stage of training is to learn to hold the body correctly and overcome any habitual patterns and begin to allow the body to return to its natural state.

The mind/awareness is also brought into the body, developing a deeper connection, and the process of releasing tension and correcting the bodies structure begins.

Mindful Movement — Song Gong and Structured Movement

Simple movements are used to continue developing awareness of the body, along with the application of correct structural and mechanical principles begin to open the body and improve your everyday movement.

The Beginning of the Form — Combining Structure and Moment the beginning of Tai Chi

The form builds on the principles from the previous two lessons, each transition and posture work to aid the development of the body further while also having martial applications.

Partner Work — Applying Tai Chi internally and Externally

Working with a partner through structure testing and push hands, you will further deepen the awareness of your body and begin to extend that awareness into your partner to feel what is happening within their body.