Ian Burgess 理山 Uncarving the Block



CIVIC – An award wining full-service digital agency

Civic is an award wining full-service digital agency, covering all aspects of development and delivery such as Service Design, User Experience (UX), Usability Testing, software and solution development, Infrastructure provision and management. Find out more

OpenUK – Where the UK’s Open communities meet and collaborate

We are the UK not for profit organisation committed to develop and sustain UK leadership in Open Technology, being the 3 Opens open source software, open source hardware and open data, across the UK. Find out more

HME Edinburgh – Yang Style Tai Chi in Edinburgh and West Lothian

Tai Chi Chuan or Tàijíquán is an internal martial art where the training focuses on deepening the practitioner’s awareness of their body, and from this awareness gain control over their movement and that of others. Find out more

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Ian Burgess 理山 Uncarving the Block