OpenUK: Where the UK’s Open Technology Community Thrives

Join the movement, unlock innovation, and shape the future.

OpenUK is your gateway to the vibrant world of Open Technology in the UK. We are the non-profit organization dedicated to propelling the UK’s leadership in Open Source software, hardware, and data.

More than just a platform, we are a community:

  • Connecting individuals, businesses, and projects who share a passion for Open Technology.
  • Championing the Open movement: Advocating for its benefits and fostering collaboration across industries.
  • Building a thriving ecosystem: Supporting Open adoption and innovation through our three pillars:

Community: Cultivating a strong, inclusive community where everyone can learn, share, and contribute.

Legal & Policy: Working to create a legal and policy environment that fosters Open Technology growth.

Learning: Offering resources and programs to empower individuals and organizations with the skills needed to thrive in the Open world.

Why join OpenUK?

  • Access expertise and resources: Connect with a network of experts, find valuable resources, and tap into the collective knowledge of the Open community.
  • Shape the future: Contribute to shaping the policy and direction of Open Technology in the UK.
  • Make a difference: Drive innovation, unlock opportunities, and create a more open and collaborative future.
  • Stay informed: Get the latest news, events, and insights on the Open Technology landscape.

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Together, we can build a stronger, more innovative UK through the power of Open Technology.

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