Teaching Tai Chi

Since my formative years, I have harboured a deep-seated curiosity regarding the functioning of both the external world and the intricate workings within myself. This innate inclination, coupled with my neurodiversity, compelled me to embark on a journey of self-exploration, wherein I sought solace in the practices of meditation and mindfulness.

As I delved deeper into these practices, a significant portion of my time was dedicated to cultivating a profound understanding of the human mind. The art of being fully present and attuned to the moment empowered me to establish internal control and fully immerse myself in the realm of experiences that unfolded around me.

Through Tai Chi, meditation, and mindfulness, I endeavour to facilitate the harmonious union of mind and body, ultimately affording individuals the capacity to apprehend both their external environment and internal experiences in a transformative and profound manner. This integration gives a holistic comprehension of their external surroundings and the internal landscapes they traverse.

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