Scott Speaks Podcast

November 4, 2020 No Comments 1 Min Read

In the second of my #scottspeaks with….” chats I spent some time with Ian Burgess. Ian was an ideal guest as he lives a life steeped in #cognitivediversity. A serial #entrepreneur, #futurist, #socialactivist and student of Eastern philosophy and #TaiChi Chuan Ian brings a wise and reflective perspective to any topic of conversation. I this, the fist of many, recorded discussion we cover a range of topics including #systemsthinking #dealingwithconflict…

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David Allen at Google Campus

October 13, 2014 No Comments 1 Min Read

After an invite from Next Action Associates to come to Google Campus and listen to David Allan talk about GTD. As always the brief talk brought about some thought provoking insights and humour that you come to expect from David Allen. The question section as always came round to discussing email and the other inputs that as knowledge workers need to make decisions on every day, with the resounding advice…

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