Martial Arts

Inaugural Scottish Sumo Open 2023

August 8, 2023 1 Min Read

The Inaugural Scottish Sumo Open 2023 from Clan Sumo (Scotland Sumo Federation), run by Scott Findlay, was the first-ever international completion in Scotland and perhaps the largest ever in the UK. It was a tremendous success, with over Sixty wrestlers who attended from all over the world. Watch the recorded live stream below. Find out more about Clan Sumo at

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The Song of the Thirteen Postures

April 1, 2020 2 Min Read

Author Unknown Translated by Lee N. Scheele The Thirteen Postures should not be taken lightly;  the source of the postures is in the waist. Be mindful of the interchange between insubstantial and substantial; The ch’i circulates throughout the body without hindrance. Be still, when touched by the opponent, be tranquil and move in stillness; changes caused by my opponent fill him with wonder. Study the function of each posture carefully and with deliberation; to achieve the goal is very easy. Pay attention…

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Five Character Secret by Li I-yu

January 26, 2020 5 Min Read

Translated by Lee N. Scheele CALM The hsin [mind-and-heart] should be calm. If the hsin is not calm, one cannot concentrate, and when the arm is raised, whether forward or back, left or right, it is completely without certain direction. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a calm mind. In beginning to move, you cannot control (it) by yourself. The entire mind must also experience and comprehend the movements of the opponent. Accordingly,…

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