OpenUk Kids Camp

September 15, 2020 1 Min Read

One of the things I enjoy about being part of OpenUK is that it does projects like the Kids Camps that help to get kids from all walks of life into tech and let them see how it can be a tool to make life better.

From OpenUK

“We have had an interesting summer with 3000 kids receiving free MiniMU glove kits either directly or through community groups and schools as part of our giveaway. The majority (around 2000 kits) went to teachers and community leaders and we expect to see groups working on these on an ongoing basis, as Camp is not just for August. A large number of kids participated in the scheduled camp during August, but the content is available on an ongoing basis Creative Commons licensed. Thanks to Huawei for supporting the giveaway and Red Hat and GitHub for partially funding the course.

The competitions in each of the Open Kids Camp ezines, with a prize of a Huawei tablet for each close on 30 September, so if your kids haven’t entered already, there’s still time

You may like to see this snippet from the end of our course. Makes me smile every time.”