The Marked Mans Choices

May 2, 2015 2 Min Read

Lots of recent conversations have possibly made it worth laying out “the marked mans choice” I have heard it called other names but they all amount to the same thing.

Although this can be found with many different starting points the one that is most common in my experience is the company you are moving in to has not got sufficient funds to survive. Most of the staff don’t see this or fully understand the seriousness of the situation, if nothing changes everyone is out of work and struggling to make payments on thier mortgage.

As the outsider or in peoples the eyes not being one of them the choice comes down to you and your options are limited to the following (all funding options are followed up):

  • Let go of some people to allow the others to stay in work
  • Fight for more and hope that it works and you can keep everyone and not lose them all
  • Sit and watch it end with everyone out of a role

Any option makes you unpopular and changes the way people view you, you have to accept that you will be the B@@@@d who done it. So like many you take the option that secures the most benefit for most people and accept the view that many will form of you.

Do these decisions impact you? yes

I have seen grown men cry in closed rooms after carrying it through I have been one of them and am sure I will be again. I have said that the best person to get rid of once was me and watched it happen (I had just had a young child). It’s easy to hold views on people if you have never had to make the decisions and don’t know the impact that it has on the person making it.

Although it is possible in recovery to employ more people or take on apprentices the price has to be paid initially for these things to be possible.

The Marked Man’s Choice exist in all areas of life Government, Business, Community Groups and Families in what ever situation you find yourself having to make the decision it’s worth remembering that some will understand and some will not but you have to make best the decision that you can, know is right and that you can live with and accept that not everything can be saved.