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Ask yourself some questions

May 31, 2020 0 Min Read

The lockdown is an opportunity to ask yourself some questions. 1. What is it you have really missed and who have you really missed? 2. How much of your life before was spent doing that or being with those people? 3. After this what will you do to make sure that you include the things and people that you missed in your life?

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Emotion, Decisions and Compassion

May 26, 2020 2 Min Read

Let’s start a line of thought with some premise: One: No individual is responsible for the feelings of others, we are accountable for our emotions, and we own them completely the good along equally with the bad. Two: If we are not aware of our emotions and in control of there impact, they will affect our judgment and world view. Three: Judgments should be made based on reality without our…

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Mental Headspace

May 25, 2020 1 Min Read

Today I was involved in a private conversation where the subject of how I was glad that was introduced to debate at school and then at university and other organisations. One of the most useful lessons was to cultivate the ability to hold more than one viewpoint initial in different thinking/headspaces and over time, bring them together into one. Over time i learned about using different structures of language to…

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January 22, 2018 3 Min Read

I am a Minimalist A statement often met with strange looks or people asking how many items do you own? Do I have a family? Or do I even work? Minimalism is viewed by many as a strange fad some sort of hipster, new age, let’s go and find myself type of lifestyle, this may be true for many it is not in my view what minimalism is. What is…

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The Marked Mans Choices

May 2, 2015 2 Min Read

Lots of recent conversations have possibly made it worth laying out “the marked mans choice” I have heard it called other names but they all amount to the same thing.

Although this can be found with many different starting points the one that is most common in my experience is the company you are moving in to has not got sufficient funds to survive. Most of the staff don’t see this or fully understand the seriousness of the situation, if nothing changes everyone is out of work and struggling to make payments on thier mortgage.

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