iHandover & ResourcesWA partner to improve operational handovers

October 16, 2017 2 Min Read

We are delighted to share with you information detailing a new and exciting partnership with ResourcesWA. Please share this information with any other interested parties or individuals. If you have any questions in relation to this release, please contact myself or iHandover CEO Ross McDowell on  iHandover & ResourcesWA partner to improve operational handovers

iHandover and ResourcesWA have partnered to resolve a problem inherent not only in mining, but in all public and private sector industries that operate 24/7.

The result of a meeting at Mining Indaba in February 2017, the partnership is one that leverages ResourcesWA’s vast experience in operational site handovers with the iHandover effective workforce management software solutions.

Andre Garnaut, Director at Resources WA, said that traditionally, handover processes can be disorganised, undefined, lacking in clear accountability and fall short of transferring all the required information among staff. The iHandover suite of products, when combined with operational governance and systems expertise, solves these problems.

In a former role as Operations Manager, Jason Lee, Director at ResourcesWA knows first-hand, the challenges faced with conventional handovers and systems. “I’m excited to finally see and work with a company that has the solution.” Mr Lee said.

He furthered this by saying “The Australian mining industry is now embracing digital transformation and learning from the progress being made through using technology and software in other industries. An integral part of digital transformation is simplifying and standardising critical process; and the handover process is an area of significant importance. Handover is prevalent in many different stages of the Mine Asset lifecycle and a few to mention are: Construction; Commissioning; Operations (FIFO 24/7); Care & Maintenance; Rundown and Closure. This is all before we start talking about ROCs, Facilities Management, and Minor/Major Shutdown Management. We plan to do a few articles on these areas so watch this space.”

Ross McDowell, Founder and CEO of iHandover said that there really is unlimited potential for the relationship with ResourcesWA, with the businesses combining to provide a healthy blend of industry and technology expertise.

“It is clear that ResourcesWA have a team with in-depth knowledge and skills in our key markets. Adding them to our growing iHandover partner network will bring exciting new opportunities enabling us to further showcase our product and expand our user footprint.” he said.

“Our clients in this part of the world will benefit from working with this talented group. Teams that have signed up to use Relay will receive high-quality coaching and support during the onboarding phase of their project.” Mr McDowell said.

iHandover provides powerfully simple web-applications for shift handover, FIFO/DIDO rotations, and employee knowledge transfer. The Relay and Activate products combine task management with intelligent workflows and employee knowledge capture and transfer to minimise downtime, ensure operational continuity and minimise loss of employee knowledge and company IP. The platform has demonstrated its performance improvement outcomes in the mining, oil and gas, utilities and logistics industries as well as the knowledge capture required in shutdown and asset retirement programs.

For further information on how iHandover’s applications can be incorporated into your workforce management or handover processes, speak to a member of the iHandover team today.

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