QME strengthen service offering with Relay

December 5, 2017 2 Min Read

QME have chosen Relay from iHandover to formalise and improve shift handover management across their contract mining operations.

Established in 1985 and based in Navan, Republic of Ireland, QME offer a diverse range of services to the Irish mining sector. From highly skilled contract mine management services to tunnelling operations and heavy-duty plant hire, QME recognises that continual improvements to its service offerings will help them stay ahead of the competition.

iHandover is working closely with the QME management team to understand their current shift handover process, and smoothly onboard their staff onto the Relay system. Relay is predicted to deliver improvements in operations and productivity by centralizing shift handover data, improving resource utilisation, and connecting teams in real-time on a fully digital platform.

As part of the adoption of Relay, the iHandover team will work with QME to continually enhance the functionality of Relay, particularly for mine captain, shift boss and supervisor handover.

Commenting on the partnership Loy McParland (CEO at QME) said “ A big part of working with iHandover is for our management to have full visibility of the comms that happen during shift boss changeover. This is a critical activity and happens when many of us are no longer in the office or at the site. The notifications centre will make sure we are all kept in the loop. ‘

He continued to say, “We’ve asked for a few enhancements to the reporting and I am looking forward to getting early sight of this and the Mobile App, which will allow us to makes updates in an offline mode.”

The partnership with QME represents another progression in the development of Relay which is now active in various sectors around the globe. CEO of iHandover Ross McDowell is delighted to commence work with QME on the rollout of Relay and is excited about what lies ahead, He said “ This is our first Mining client in the UK and Ireland which makes this is an important project for iHandover.  The team at QME have some great ideas and they will be stronger and more effective following the introduction of Relay.

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