The BBC and Freedom of Thought

April 14, 2018 1 Min Read

We currently live in a world where the BBC showing a dramatisation of a speech by a British politician Enoch Powell and including commentary from others who have different viewpoints is meet with comments that the BBC is enabling racism and putting people at risk by airing this show.

Firstly it is insulting that people believe that a documentary on a subject will cause the moral fabric of society to collapse.

The fastest way to move towards a society that has a collective and intolerant is to remove peoples exposure to different view, or through pressure remove the opportunity to understand others views.

Understanding a view is not the same as agreeing with it. Although it is the first step to a society that can have a debate and can develop to be open and inclusive.

We must allow people to have exposure to differing views and historical facts and provide them with the tools to understand and form their own opinion.

We must learn to see historical events in the context of there time and not in the context of the present, that discussing a historic speech is only that a way for us to learn from the past.

Rather than believing like some that we need to protect society by restricting the information that people have, so they can’t form views that don’t fit because people are incapable of not being influenced.

I personally believe that if people are given a wide education and the tools to understand along with an open environment of free speech will end in a far better world one of freedom.