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Scott Speaks Podcast

November 4, 2020 1 Min Read

In the second of my #scottspeaks with….” chats I spent some time with Ian Burgess. Ian was an ideal guest as he lives a life steeped in #cognitivediversity. A serial #entrepreneur, #futurist, #socialactivist and student of Eastern philosophy and #TaiChi Chuan Ian brings a wise and reflective perspective to any topic of conversation. I this, the fist of many, recorded discussion we cover a range of topics including #systemsthinking #dealingwithconflict…

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CIVIC’s COVID Experience

October 1, 2020 4 Min Read

The impact on the economy of the COVID pandemic has been profound, with many businesses unable to open their doors and the day to day activities of others changing dramatically. This, coupled with the impact of being cut off from direct contact with friends and family, as well as work-related contacts, has negatively affected many of us. As a Director at CIVIC, it is part of my job to help…

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OpenUk Kids Camp

September 15, 2020 1 Min Read

One of the things I enjoy about being part of OpenUK is that it does projects like the Kids Camps that help to get kids from all walks of life into tech and let them see how it can be a tool to make life better. From OpenUK “We have had an interesting summer with 3000 kids receiving free MiniMU glove kits either directly or through community groups and schools…

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Night Time – The Golden Verses of Pythagoras

August 4, 2020 1 Min Read

Never allow sleep to close your eyelids, after you went to bed,Until you have examined all your actions of the day by your reason.In what have I done wrong? What have I done? What have I omitted that I ought to have done?If in this examination you find that you have done wrong, reprove yourself severely for it;And if you have done any good, rejoice.Practise thoroughly all these things; meditate…

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Ask yourself some questions

May 31, 2020 0 Min Read

The lockdown is an opportunity to ask yourself some questions. 1. What is it you have really missed and who have you really missed? 2. How much of your life before was spent doing that or being with those people? 3. After this what will you do to make sure that you include the things and people that you missed in your life?

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Galileo and why we need Free Speech

May 29, 2020 1 Min Read

In 1610 Galileo published “Sidereus Nuncius” which outlined his observations he had made why researching the universe, which talked about moons around Jupiter and other wild stuff. In 1616 the inquisition declared the theory’s expressed to be heretical and his books were banned. He was ordered not to hold meetings, teach or defend his views, but being slight stubborn, he then went on to come up with a theory of…

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Emotion, Decisions and Compassion

May 26, 2020 2 Min Read

Let’s start a line of thought with some premise: One: No individual is responsible for the feelings of others, we are accountable for our emotions, and we own them completely the good along equally with the bad. Two: If we are not aware of our emotions and in control of there impact, they will affect our judgment and world view. Three: Judgments should be made based on reality without our…

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Mental Headspace

May 25, 2020 1 Min Read

Today I was involved in a private conversation where the subject of how I was glad that was introduced to debate at school and then at university and other organisations. One of the most useful lessons was to cultivate the ability to hold more than one viewpoint initial in different thinking/headspaces and over time, bring them together into one. Over time i learned about using different structures of language to…

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The Song of the Thirteen Postures

April 1, 2020 2 Min Read

Author Unknown Translated by Lee N. Scheele The Thirteen Postures should not be taken lightly;  the source of the postures is in the waist. Be mindful of the interchange between insubstantial and substantial; The ch’i circulates throughout the body without hindrance. Be still, when touched by the opponent, be tranquil and move in stillness; changes caused by my opponent fill him with wonder. Study the function of each posture carefully and with deliberation; to achieve the goal is very easy. Pay attention…

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Five Character Secret by Li I-yu

January 26, 2020 5 Min Read

Translated by Lee N. Scheele CALM The hsin [mind-and-heart] should be calm. If the hsin is not calm, one cannot concentrate, and when the arm is raised, whether forward or back, left or right, it is completely without certain direction. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a calm mind. In beginning to move, you cannot control (it) by yourself. The entire mind must also experience and comprehend the movements of the opponent. Accordingly,…

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